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Join a VRIA Committee. Help the Industry Grow.

There are openings for members and chairmen for VRAI Committees. These are the work-horses of any organization. In a Not-For-Profit, participation is what provides benefit to all members. Here are the current committees seeking volunteers:

Chapters - Communication with local Vacation Rental Organizations.
Conferences - Local, Regional and International Meetings and Seminars.
Education - Course Curriculum, Live Classes, Online Training and Credentials.
Finance - Oversight of Budgeting, Bookkeeping and Reporting.
Government && Legal - Relationships with Authorities. Contesting Regulations & Prohibitions.
Membership - Targeting, Advertising and Enrolling Members.
Standards - Establishment and Review of Ethics, Rules & Training Goals.
Technology - Oversight of Database, Websites and Vacation Rental MLS.

As a worldwide organization, meetings are held via Internet connection and conference call; with Occasional meetings at conferences. There is no cost to the Committee members. Appointments are for one year, but longer tenure is encouraged for Consistency.

Call: 866-925-7083 Email: For more detail: VRIA.org Mention Ad #0163