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Ski Journalists Needed

Hello there everybody. This Emilie your roving reporter for Northwest Skier Online Magazine.

I'm doing my best to write the blog, articles and to keep everyone up to date on everything great about Skiing and Boarding in the Northwest. But I am stretched thin and need your help. Hey I gotta ski, eat, ski and sleep as well as write, right?

Would you like to write ski articles for our magazine? Would you like to become northwest famous? Be the envy of your friends? And get to have fun while you are skiing?


If you have a particular resort, run, ski shop, ski club or anything else skiing - that you want to write about we are anxious to post your stories. They can be long or short, personal or even blurbs about where you work and ski.

Or would you like to be our official representative for a particular ski area in the Northwest? To be the all-knowing, all-seeing expert scribe for your home base? We'll even put your name on our list of contributors.

Or do you have photos, videos or other materials you would like to see published around the world on our website www.NorthwestSkiers.com? Want to be one of our go-to photographers or videographers?


All you have to do is email your article, photos or videos directly to me and I promise to look them over. If its good I'll publish it and give you full credit and publicity. The bad news is that there is no compensation. The good news is you are highly likely to get published and build your portfolio.

Here is how to do it:

Email to = Info@NorthwestSkiers.com

Include your:

- Name
- Address
- Phone
- Email
- Website (If you have one)

DETAILS: Please allow 10 days or more for a response, but due to volume I can't promise to respond to every email. Not all articles get accepted of course. We can't run them all of course. When submitting information you are warranting that you are the original author, have authority to allow us to use it and indemnify us against claims of misuse by any other party. We may publish it as we see fit on NorthwestSkiers.com, one of our other websites or in print media as we see. We will credit you for it and be eternally grateful.

Call: 206-734-4507 Email: For more detail: NorthwestSkiers.com Mention Ad #0227