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Vacation Rental Consultant - Wm. May

Vacation Rentals are a seemingly simple business. Owners offer their homes through managers or directly, Ads are placed, housekeepers hired. Guests come and go. Guests are happy, owners are happy and managers are happy.

Easy, so it seems.

Actually, offering a high priced home for rent to complete strangers is not without its complications. Many homes are in remote locations, and far from where the property owner lives. Guests may not behave. Cities, States and Home Owner Associations are all trying to put their stamp or out-right disapproval of rentals.

But the process is understandable, especially for an expert like Wm. May

If you have questions, he has answers. With 30 years marketing and business management Wm. And his family have owned several dozen vacation rentals, plus inns and resorts. Through affiliated companies he helps book hundreds of properties and in his spare time he helps vacation rental managers and owners too.

Now you can get William's decades of experience, learn the best ways to do everything, avoid problems, deal with issues and build a successful and enjoyable business.

Getting William's help is easy. Just give him a call for an initial free 21 minute consultation. If you need more help, he's available on an hourly or commission basis. 206-343-7777 extension 901.

Get quick answers for affordable fees. In fact, if you don't make more money than he charges, then you;ll get a full refund.

Call: 206-701-9147 x901 Email: For more detail: MayPartners.com Mention Ad #0033