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VRA Umbria Chapter Recuits Throughout Italy

(News Item #0199, Published: 04/15/10, Author: , VRIA.org)

Under the capable direction of Giuseppe Nuzzacia, the Vacation Rental Industry Association is recruiting Members and Chapter leaders all over Italy. He can be telephoned at (+39) 075 5725 765.

VRIA is a not-for-profit professional trade association of Owners, Managers, Suppliers and Website Publishers all working together to grow and improve the industry of Holiday Homes, Holiday Lets and Vacation Rentals the world over. The Association has low annual dues.

The Association provides many benefits to members including Newsletters, Books, Classes, Property Inspections, Professional Certifications and the world's first Multiple Listing Service for Vacation Rentals at (VRMLS.org) That service is used to produce local Chapter property listing websites such as (VacationRentalsUmbria.com)

Mr. Nuzzacia has formed a Chapter of VRIA in Umbria in conjunction with an existing organization of villa owners at (PerugiaRentals.com). He now seeks to find professionals to start and lead Chapters in all Italian provinces The purpose is to hold meetings, compare and share information and promote vacation rentals in their area.

By cooperating with the International Association of VRIA, property owners can work together.

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To consider joining or start an Italian Chapter telephone Mr. Nuzzaci at (+39) 075 5725 765. To learn more about VRIA International contact William May, Executive Directory at (VRIA.org). By email at Office@VRIA.org or telephoning 866-925-7083 toll free in the US.