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WAVRMA widens doors for new members & directors

(News Item #0263, Published: 04/27/12, Author: William Victor May, WAVRMA.org)

The Washington State Vacation Rental Managers Association has thrown open its doors for new members and directors says William May, the founder of the group. Membership is free, discussion is free-flowing and every member is encouraged and welcome to participate as they see fit.

Started in 2004, WAVRMA is now a registered not-for-profit organization formed to be an open-forum where vacation rental managers meet to discuss, share and educate each other other practices, policies and improving the industry.

"Over the years the group lost its way," Says Penny Taylor, Vice President at the Vortex Managers, and an original WAVRMA member. "A few folks proclaimed themselves leaders and set about to dictate rules about how other members should operate their businesses, going so far as to vote on which managers could join - often just those who agreed with them. It bordered on anti-competitive behavior"

"These are the same folks who failed to hold meetings for two years, collected meeting fees while refusing to provide accounting and held secret meetings," noted William May.

WAVRMA, has now more carefully crafted its by-laws to eliminate the opportunity for elitists or cartels to grab hold and dictate how others can participate. There are some 150 vacation rental companies in the state making it still a small industry, but one that benefits from self-training and access to best practices and new ideas.

"There is no need for a small politburo to run the show," says May. "With email, websites and phone it is easy to collaborate and get feedback from all members on when and where to meet, what to discuss and study, and which initiatives to consider - such as those to fight regulatory prohibitions or ways to pursue industry wide advertising."

WAVRMA also announced that it has completed a free property listing website for its members properties at WAVRMA.com(not .org).

In cooperation with the Vacation Rental Association (VRIA.org) the state group is using the Vacation Rental Multiple Listing Service to make listings fast and easy.

Through VRMLS.org Members can also elect to publicize their properties on other VRIA websites such as WashingtonStateVacationRentals.com most of which are free.

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The Washington State Vacation Rental Managers Association was formed in 2004 to allow managers, suppliers and supporters to meet in an open-forum, non-hieracrhical way of sharing, educating and working together. The group has no dues, no obligations and an open-minded approach to the opportunities and challenges of the rapidly expanding vacation rental industry. See www.WAVRMA.org or call 206-701-9142 for more information. Everyone is welcome.